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Brussels on a sunny summer day in 2017 (Taken my me — Mido)

Welcome to my thinking space. I have been wanting to start writing properly for the last 10 months and have finally got to it.

I have always loved writing and reading since young

I wrote fan-fiction on Harry Potter characters (I know, I swear it was just a phase, and haven’t we all once thought about how Draco and Hermione would look so good together as a couple).

Then I changed to writing blog posts in secondary school where at one point reaching 10k viewer per week, and even translated Chinese romance chapters to the local audience.

I never thought about any of these activities as a connected hobby of writing. It was just one separated phase, to another separated phase. It was only until my first burnout in October last year that I started to reflect and look inward to see what truly makes me happy, and what kind of person I want to be in the world.

As cliche as it is, I realized I loved listening to my friends’ stories and reflect on my own experience to give them a sense of being understood, sometimes advice, and sometimes just a nod to help them feel better.

I was always the wise one in the group

People called me “mature above age”.

I have good friends who are 12 years older than me and talk about life and the struggles of working and living far away from our parents who are growing old. I also love hanging out with those years younger talking about how universities take a tool on us, while transforming us into the version that follow us for the next 20 years of our lives.

Having been the somewhat more mature kid among those in my age, I have also completed the kind of education and qualifications that get me to places that can guarantee financial stability (most likely for the rest of my life if I want to stick with it).

I have also pocketed significant growth and life lessons for the last 8 years studying and working abroad. I was 17 when I first moved to the Netherlands, then my life just followed its course with whatever came up next, California, London, Hong Kong, Singapore.

While I could say that I lived my youth to its fullest during my study overseas, I also felt the burden of starting off a new life and working at places I could stand in the most crowded street and feel the loneliness seeping through my heart.

I made mistakes, hundreds of them, and also learnt, forgave, and grew along the way. Now, I want to tell my stories to my friends, family, and to anyone who might want to listen, relate, and feel understood because one way or another.

I realized we are all going through the same thing

Adulting is not easy, it’s like standing in the cross road of who you are used to being, because that was what your experiences accumulated to; what society expected of you, what your parents set out for you to become; and who you truly want to be, your inner calling, what you value despite people might find it quirky and funny.

I want to tell you my stories, so that you know we are in this together: wanting relationships while failing at them, climbing the corporate ladder while questioning if external validation is truly what we want in life, and wanting to forgive, make peace, and take care of our loved ones who probably at one point were not the perfect parents we wanted them to be.

That said, my posts will revolve around these topics that are key to my identity: love, peace, family, friends, and career. I hope you find them fun, and feel better after reading any of them. If not, let me know below, I will think of something for you based on my experience.

In the meantime, I hope you find what you are looking for, and that you remember good days always come :)

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